Welcome to the Grazing game

This is an online behavioral interactive game to understand the coping strategies of farmer-herders in the drylands

Purpose of the game

Experience how to live like farmers or herders in West African drylands, where rainfall is erratic. Will you be a strategic farmer-herders or abandon the land to get a white-color job? From an original board game, we converted the grazing game to an online version. This online version grazing game is a new tool to explore the behavior and coping scoping strategies to negative impacts of climate change of both local farmer-herders and policy makers and consequences of their management decisions. It is designed to facilitate social learning that is crucial for co-management of landscapes in the drylands under climate uncertainties.

For more information, please contact: Grace B. Villamor
Email: gracev@uni-bonn.de
W.P. 6.2 Agent-based modeling